Amidst the daily hustle, it’s challenging for businesses to take a step back and see the complete picture. With Rohr CPAs by your side, you’re not just getting a CPA – you’re gaining a strategic partner. Our expertise illuminates unseen challenges, unlocks potential, and maps out bespoke strategies, propelling your business towards sustainable growth. Dive deep, understand, adapt, and achieve with our comprehensive consulting approach. Your vision, our strategy – let’s build that dream business together.

Transform Your Business

Address your most pressing challenges with Rohr CPAs’ adaptable consulting framework. Collaborate with our specialists, who possess the functional experience, industry insights, and technical proficiency essential for your project’s success.

Empowering Your Business: With Expertise and Strategy

In today’s dynamic business environment, every decision matters, and every strategy has implications. At Rohr CPAs, we believe in crafting solutions that are as unique as the challenges you face. With our consulting services, you’re not just gaining access to advice; you’re forging a partnership with a team dedicated to your success.

Starting with a comprehensive SWOT analysis, we dive deep into understanding your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This holistic overview lays the foundation for our subsequent recommendations. But understanding is only the first step.

We take immense pride in charting out strategic themes and goals tailored to your vision, backed by actionable plans and measurable metrics. From crafting your mission based on core values to regular reviews ensuring adaptability and relevance, we stay by your side at every turn.

The business landscape is ever-evolving, but with Rohr CPAs as your consulting partner, you can navigate change with confidence, ensuring sustainable growth and success. Whether you’re laying down the first stones or scaling new heights, our expertise can be the wind beneath your wings.

Planning & Process

Business landscapes continually evolve, and your growth hinges on your adaptability. At Rohr CPAs, we adopt a comprehensive perspective on your business to devise and execute a strategy that truly resonates.

Step One


We identify your business’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats through conducting interviews and assessments.

Step Two

Mission and Values

Set strategic goals by using the SWOT to establish the business mission that maintains and encourages the core values.

Step Three

Strategic Themes and Goals

Reaching the short and long-term goals that you set for your business will require developing larger strategic themes that can be narrowed down to specific priorities.

Step Four


Create plans to quantify how a goal will be met, who will be the key players of the goal, and a timeline of goal milestones.

Step Five


As the plan is implemented, monitoring the progress of the plan and analyzing for additional improvements or changes is an important part of the process.

Step Six


Establish financial metrics that will quantify the success of the plan. Goals that can be reported on and measured can then be celebrated.

Step Seven


Plans are not set in stone and must be adaptable. The plan must be regularly reviewed to ensure it is helping the business reach the strategic priorities set in the beginning of the process.

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