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In the intricate world of business valuation, precision and insight are paramount. Beyond mere numbers, the genuine value of a business lies in its distinct identity, history, and relationships. Through meticulous analysis of every facet— from its offerings to its economic prospects—we unveil the true essence and worth of your enterprise. Entrust Rohr CPAs with your valuation needs, whether it’s for succession planning, shareholder transactions, or estate settlements. We are committed to clarity and confidence in every valuation.

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Unlock the Value of Your Enterprise

In the evolving landscape of business, understanding the true value of your enterprise can be a multifaceted endeavor. It’s not just about crunching numbers or analyzing revenue streams. Instead, it’s a holistic process that requires a keen understanding of the business’s history, its unique value propositions, customer relationships, future projections, and the broader market environment. Each business has its own story, its challenges, and its opportunities.

At Rohr CPAs, our business valuation services are meticulously tailored to capture these nuances. Our team delves deep into every facet, ensuring that we provide you with a valuation that is comprehensive, accurate, and reflective of your business’s potential. Whether you’re considering succession planning, navigating shareholder transactions, settling a divorce, or planning for gifting and estate settlements, our expertise ensures you’re well-equipped with knowledge and insights to make informed decisions. With Rohr CPAs, you’re not just getting a valuation; you’re gaining clarity and confidence in your business’s future.

Future-Forward Evaluation with the Income Approach.

Delving deep into the potential earnings of a business, the Income Approach is a forward-looking method, concentrating on the anticipated financial benefits and returns of a venture. By evaluating the present value of expected future cash flows, this approach offers a clear window into the financial potential of a business. With Rohr CPAs at the helm, harness the precision of the Income Approach, ensuring your business’s valuation is rooted in its future earning capacity, factoring in risks and growth potential.

Unlock Real-World Insights with the Market Approach

The Market Approach in business valuation is akin to a pulse-check against the current market landscape. By comparing your business to similar entities that have recently been sold or are publicly traded, this method provides a tangible benchmark for value. It offers an understanding of how the external market perceives businesses like yours, ensuring your valuation remains relevant and reflective of current market dynamics. Trust Rohr CPAs to adeptly navigate the intricacies of the Market Approach

Assessing Value with the Cost Approach

The Cost Approach operates on a foundational principle: determining the cost to recreate or replace a business asset. It’s a method that values an entity based on the current cost of reproducing its assets, subtracting any liabilities or depreciation. It provides a clear perspective on the tangible worth of a business, highlighting the intrinsic value of its assets. With Rohr CPAs guiding the process, the Cost Approach is meticulously executed, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s tangible asset-based value.

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