Your Questions, Our Answers.
Dive into our FAQ section for insights about Rohr CPAs. We’re here to clarify, inform, and build trust every step of the way.

Our Commitment to you – Transparency

We have put together this F.A.Q. page to help you learn more about our firm and the way that we work. We highly encourage you to read through any of the questions below that you may have for us. Should you have any additional questions, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

General Questions

What is the best way to contact Rohr CPAs?

Calling the office at 805.473.1040 is a great way to get in contact with us. If you prefer to email, you can email [email protected] or send us a message through our website on the contact us page.

What types of tax returns do you prepare?

• Individual Returns
• S-Corp and Partnership and C-Corp returns
• Form 706 Estate Returns
• Form 709 Gift Tax Returns
• Form 1041 Estate and Trust Returns
• Non-Profit Returns
• Form 5500 Returns
• Form 571-L Property Tax Returns

Do you offer client meetings?

Yes absolutely! We offer in person, phone, or zoom meetings. During tax season, our time is very limited and we encourage existing clients to make meetings only to discuss pressing questions regarding their current year tax return being prepared. Outside of tax season we are available to discuss future planning and consulting. All new clients are encourage/expected to have a meeting with us to learn more about working together. These meetings are offered year-round, even during tax season, and are offered free as a 30 minute introduction meeting.

Do you prepare returns with multiple states?

Yes. We have extensive experience in filing complex returns with multiple state filings for business and individual clients.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes. We offer a free 30 minute introduction meeting for all new clients where you meet with Daniel Rohr. We require that you send us your most recently filed return at least 48 hours prior to the meeting so that Daniel can review the return in preparation of the meeting. This allows the meeting to be about your specific situation and allows Daniel to offer insight into how we can help you and allows him to more accurately quote our fees specific to the complexity of your tax situation.

How responsive are you to client calls and/or emails?

We pride ourselves in our responsiveness! We hear from new clients that that is a common complaint of CPAs, “I email them and it goes into a black hole.” We respond within 1-2 business days to office phone calls and within 1 business day to emails. Most of the time we are much faster than that even.

What size businesses do you work with?

We work with businesses that have very little in sales with no employees to companies with tens of millions of dollars in sales and 100+ employees and/or multi-state filings. We do not work with $100 million+ businesses or publicly traded corporations.

What type of individual clients do you work with?

We work with individuals that are relatively simple to highly complex. Our otherwise simple tax return clients appreciate knowing their return is done with a high level of competence, completed in a timely manner, and have an advisor available to ask questions of who knows their specific financial situation. Our complex individual clients are financially diverse individuals with large brokerage accounts, complex real estate portfolios, and/or multiple business ownership interests. These types of clients are afforded a high level of expertise, attention to detail with a tax planning focus to minimize their taxes from a holistic financial perspective.

Do you represent taxpayer’s who are under Audit?

Yes we do. We can either consult with you through the process or act as if we are you with the government using a Power of Attorney. We charge our hourly rates and require a retainer to begin this type of work.

Do you prepare Offers in Compromise?

We do not. This type of work is best performed by firms that specialize in this type of service.

Do you prepare Compilations, Reviews or Audits?

We do not. Our firm specializes in Tax Compliance, Tax Planning, Financial and Estate Planning, and Business Consulting and Valuations.

Do you provide bookkeeping or payroll services?

No, but we work with bookkeepers in the area very closely and can recommend them to you.

How do you handle mistakes that were made by Rohr CPAs?

If we make a mistake on your tax return, we will fix it either through amending a return, answering a notice, or advising you on corrective procedures free of charge. We will also, if you owe more taxes due to the mistake, cover the interest and penalties stemming from the mistake up to the time of our advice for corrective action. Since it was our mistake, you shouldn’t have to pay for it!

Business Tax Filing Questions

How do I know what to provide you with to prepare my business return?

We will create a file request portal using Content Snare™ technology. An email will be sent to you to access the request once created for that specific return. This portal allows you to select boxes for each item that are applicable to your business (i.e. payroll, sales tax returns, loans, etc.). Once selected, the portal will provide a dropbox that you can use to upload each specific item.

What if I am missing something or if you have any additional questions for me?

Since we will not start the tax return process until the original request is complete, our missing item list is minimized to only a few items. We ask for these items by creating another Content Snare™ request. This allows for added efficiency and makes it clear what is still outstanding to move forward with filing your business return.

How long does it take from the time I complete the file request to my business return being complete?

On average 3-5 weeks.

How do you deliver the business return to me?

We will send your return through SafeSend™. Please see the SafeSend™ pages on this website. If you prefer, you can request to not utilize SafeSend and receive your tax return and all instructions and vouchers by paper.

How do I send out the K-1s?

SafeSend™ allows you to securely send out K-1s electronically. If you choose to not use SafeSend™ we will give you the K-1s with mailing envelopes for your mailing.

Do you electronically file the return?

Yes. Once the return is signed, we wait until the next business day to e-file your return and will email you a confirmation once your Federal and all applicable state returns have been accepted.

Individual Tax Filing Questions

How do I know what to provide you with to prepare my personal return?

We will send you a tax organizer packet. The organizer helps you gather the required documents to help us efficiently and correctly prepare your tax return. As a continuing client, the organizer we send you will be specific to you as the information on the organizer is pulled from the most recently filed return that we prepared for you.

How is the organizer sent to me?

We have two options, we can send you the organizer through the mail or electronically through SafeSend™. To learn more about the SafeSend™ Organizer process, please see the SafeSend™ Organizer page on this website.

What if I am missing something with regard to my taxes?

We will notify you by calling or emailing you depending on what is missing. i.e., one 1099 or W2 appears to be missing, we will call to request this from you. You can then send us the missing information either by dropping off to the office, by mail, or through our website.

If I have a question regarding my tax return that you recently prepared, what is the procedure?

We have a couple options, you can either email [email protected] your question and you will get either an answer or a phone call to discuss in more depth. Or, if necessary, we can schedule an appointment to discuss your questions.

How do you deliver my personal return to me?

We have a few choices, either by paper where you can come in and pick up the return, all instructions, pre-addressed envelopes with vouchers for any balance due, and our invoice. We can also mail you these items as well. We also have a fully electronic option through SafeSend™. Please check out the SafeSend™ portions of this website.

How long does it take for my tax return to be completed?

On average 2-3 weeks.

Do you electronically file the return?

Yes. Once the return is signed, we wait until the next business day to e-file your return and will email you a confirmation once your Federal and all applicable state returns have been accepted.

Billing Questions

How do you charge for your services?

We charge by the hour using our hourly rates. Our hourly rates range from $60 an hour for admin work to $300 an hour for Daniel Rohr’s time.

What are your accepted forms of payment?

We accept cash, personal checks, or all major credit cards.

What are your methods of payment?

You can pay your invoice at the office or online by clicking the “Pay Invoice” link in the footer of this website. We do not accept payment over the phone.

When is the invoice due?

At the time of delivery of the invoice.

Do you charge a finance charge for late payment?

Yes, we charge a 1% per month, 12% per annum, interest charge for invoices that are unpaid for longer than 30 days.

Do you require a retainer?

We charge retainers when we are hired to prepare more than two years of late filed tax returns and when providing audit representation.

Do you charge for consulting or planning meetings?

Yes, we charge our hourly rate for meetings. New clients are offered a free 30-minute introduction meeting.

Do you charge for quick emails?

No. We want you to be comfortable emailing us when you have a quick question that needs our expertise without worrying about a charge. If the email question will require more time to respond, we will quote you an expected time to complete so you can make the decision to have us do the work or not.