Tax Planning And Compliance

tax compliance is the foundation we build on to develop your business’s comprehensive tax planning strategy.

Maintaining tax compliance each year is an important task for every business. Having confidence that the entity tax return was done correctly allows you to focus on other tasks to improve your business. Our tax professionals at Rohr CPAs pride ourselves in our knowledge of the tax code and our ability to help you file your entity return with confidence each and every year.

Our perspective when preparing your entity return is more than just on annual compliance, we utilize the preparation process to actively search for additional tax planning opportunities. Our tax planning services is where we can offer the most value to your business. Tax planning can help streamline cash flow, budget for upcoming liabilities, make strategic planning decisions that improve the business, and help your business meet its strategic goals.

Our team constantly reviews regulatory changes and proactively advises you on the tax implications. We continually look out for ways that you can improve your tax strategies in response to these changes.

With routine, annual tax compliance, we can help turn a regular task into a strategic advantage.