rohr cpas “Tax blueprints” podcast

“Tax Blueprints” is hosted by Daniel Rohr, the Managing Shareholder of Rohr CPAs. As a tax and financial expert, Daniel has dedicated his career to untangling the complexities of tax and financial planning. Now, he’s bringing his experience to the podcast world, sharing individual and business tax planning insights, personal financial strategies, and practical tips to help you reach a secure, prosperous retirement. In each episode, Daniel will delve into the intricacies of tax laws, explain the subtleties of business tax planning, and guide individuals towards a path of financial stability. Whether you’re a business owner navigating the murky waters of taxation, or an individual planning for a worry-free retirement, “Tax Blueprints” will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need. The show is designed to inform and inspire listeners to take control of their financial future, understand the implications of tax regulations, and arm them with strategies to maximize their wealth. Join Daniel Rohr as he illuminates the path to fiscal success, one episode at a time. With his wealth of experience and knack for making complex subjects understandable, “Tax Blueprints” is the perfect guide for your financial journey. Tune in, take notes, and start your journey towards a secure and successful financial future with “Tax Blueprints.”

Season 1

Episode 3 – Unraveling the Tax Code: Understanding Cost Segregation Studies and the Grouping Election

Episode 2 – Unlocking Tax Savings: Exploring Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) in Retirement and Estate Planning

Episode 1 – Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): Requirements, Basics & Investment Opportunities