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“I have been a 20 year customer of Rohr and Associates. The expertise, experience and value that Rohr and Associates offers my business has been invaluable! If you want to feel like you have an “in-house” accounting department for your business at a “fraction” of the cost then go see them! They offer business solutions, accounting, corporate solutions, payroll, sales tax, etc. and always have time to answer your questions!” 

Ben Harper, owner of The Wicked Shamrock

“David Rohr has been my accountant and adviser for ten years. His son, Daniel, joined the team and I started working with him about two years ago… 

All of our business processes are now streamlined in QuickBooks, which is updated by Daniel Rohr on a quarterly basis from his office so our bookkeeper doesn’t have to make the adjusting entries herself. She was feeling overwhelmed with just managing the day to day stuff, and didn’t feel able to handle the tax and accounting side of the bookkeeping. Rohr’s office helped our bookkeeper without making her feel inadequate or stupid when she didn’t understand something. The adjusting entries are made at Rohr’s office, and seamlessly integrated back into our copy of the software.

We get updated financial statements including Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Analysis every month, and Daniel explains how we can track exactly where our money is going. He then helps us spend more wisely so that instead of giving money away to the government, we can use it to make our business more successful. What’s crazy is that it cost us way less than what it has saved us. Just a few hours of consultation, in advance, saved us thousands of dollars and put us in a much better financial position. 

Today, on Dec 31st, we got our final 2013 financial statements and tax summary from their office. That’s service! We are set to begin 2014 on January 1, and we don’t have to worry that April 15 will bring some unknown amount of debt to the IRS that might break us! What an amazing feeling!

In 2014 we will tackle sales and budgeting in a big way! Getting our advertising budget set, and getting our expenses under control will be so much easier now that we have a system to accurately track everything every month! With Daniel’s help, we will continue to grow wisely because we can use past data to project where and how to spend our money in the future. Business advice from a pro doesn’t get any better than this.”

Bonnie TeVelde, owner The TeVelde School of Music

“For more than 20 years I have been a happy and satisfied customer for personal and business experiences. I strongly recommend them. They are cutting-edge tax preparers.”

Ed T. retired business owner

“I am a professional with different holdings which requires an insightful and competent tax professional.  I am very satisfied with this company as they have served my needs well for several years.  I feel “they work for me” and not themselves.  I wholeheartedly endorse them as tax advisers.  They have also helped me with their accounting services in a professional manner.”

Fred H. retired physician

“I have used several tax professionals in the past, never really finding one that I was completely comfortable with and that I felt had the knowledge needed to ensure I was securing the maximum refund possible. Rohr & Associates are very professional, personable and easy to work with. I will never get my taxes done anywhere else. I highly recommend Rohr & Associates!”

Meghan F. business owner