Real Estate and Hospitality

The Real Estate and Hospitality sectors are characterized by their dynamic nature and potential for significant growth. From evolving customer expectations to the intricacies of property management and development, mastering this industry requires a blend of market insight and strategic agility. Dive into our deep expertise in these fields to navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead.

Foundations Built on Knowledge

In the dynamic landscape of Real Estate and Hospitality, having a partner well-versed in industry nuances can make a significant difference. Rohr CPAs brings together years of expertise, understanding the intricacies of property development, management, and the evolving hospitality market.

Our team provides not only financial insights but also strategic guidance, helping businesses navigate complex regulatory environments, optimize tax strategies, and anticipate market shifts. From individual property investors to expansive hospitality ventures, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs, ensuring you’re positioned for sustainable growth and success in an ever-changing industry.

Navigating 1031 Exchanges

Real estate investments often come with a labyrinth of tax implications. One of the significant areas is 1031 Exchanges, allowing investors to defer tax on gains by reinvesting in ‘like-kind’ properties. Navigating a 1031 Exchange is intricate, with strict guidelines and tight timelines to follow. Rohr CPAs offers expertise in orchestrating successful exchanges, ensuring that our clients not only optimize their tax position but also make informed decisions about their real estate portfolios. Dive into the world of real estate with the confidence that every strategic move is backed by seasoned professional guidance.

Optimized Tax Strategies

In the hospitality industry, navigating the intricacies of tax regulations is as crucial as ensuring guest satisfaction. With varying tax obligations, as well as industry-specific deductions and credits, it’s essential to have a knowledgeable partner to optimize your tax position. Rohr CPAs brings deep expertise in hospitality tax strategies, ensuring your establishment remains compliant while capitalizing on every tax-saving opportunity. From handling occupancy taxes to capitalizing on available tax incentives for renovations and improvements, we’re here to ensure your financial foundation is as solid as the services you offer to your guests.

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