About Us

Passionate and committed, our team continually strives to deliver service and solutions of the highest caliber to our clients. We take pride in our responsiveness, deep-seated expertise, diverse service range, and the cutting-edge technology we harness. Relishing the opportunity to help, we guide our clients through the intricacies of the financial landscape, enabling them to realize their personal and business financial aspirations.

The Highest Standard

As a premier CPA firm, our seasoned team sets the standard by continually enriching our expertise through ongoing education, ensuring we stay ahead of financial trends and regulations. This dedication to growth and excellence underlines our commitment to being more than just service providers – we are reliable partners guiding our clients through every financial decision with accuracy and integrity.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and organizations to realize their maximum
potential by providing them with a robust and secure financial foundation.

Our Values

Integrity: To do what is right, always
Excellence: To master our craft and be the best at what we do
Caring: To interact with compassion and empathy
Perseverance: stalwart commitment to execute our objective

Diversity & Inclusion

Our work environment reflects our firm belief in celebrating diversity. Each member of our team brings unique strengths and invaluable contributions to the table. We foster an atmosphere where diverse ideas flourish, acknowledging that a broad spectrum of perspectives leads to more comprehensive and superior outcomes.


Residing on the stunning Central Coast of California, we are deeply attuned to the warm, close-knit community that flourishes here and are grateful for the privilege of calling this one of the world’s most beautiful places home. The wonderful residents of the Central Coast are the heartbeat of this region, making it an ideal place to grow and nurture our families. We actively promote a culture of community service within our team, encouraging active participation and volunteering in local organizations and generous donations to support those in need.

The Rohr CPAs Team

Our History

Our journey began in Arroyo Grande in 1998, when David Rohr founded the practice. David quickly established a reputation for excellence, gaining the trust of many loyal clients.

In 2012, a new chapter in our history began. Daniel Rohr, David’s son, took the reins of the practice. Having gained valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge at a larger regional CPA firm on the Central Coast, Daniel was well-prepared to take over the family business. Under his leadership, Rohr CPAs not only sustained its legacy of excellence but also experienced significant growth.

Today, our clientele has extended beyond the Central Coast to encompass the entire country, testament to our ever-expanding reach and reliability. Moreover, our service offerings have also broadened, enabling us to cater to a wider variety of client needs.

However, at the core of our expanding business remains our dedication to our clients. Many of those who trusted David Rohr with their financial affairs continue to be valued members of our clientele. It is this enduring faith that motivates us to strive for continuous improvement, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the highest standard of service that Rohr CPAs is known for.