S-Corp Educational Video Series – Video 1: Fundamentals


Navigating the landscape of business structures can be intricate and overwhelming. Recognizing the need for clarity and expert guidance, we present a comprehensive video guide on S-Corporations, hosted by our Managing Shareholder, Daniel Rohr. This is our first video in our S-Corporation Video Series.

In this insightful presentation, Daniel explores the following key areas:

  • Defining an S-Corporation: What sets an S-Corporation apart, and why it might be the right choice for your business.
  • Understanding Eligible Shareholders: Criteria, legal implications, and best practices.
  • Exploring Legal Protection: A comparative analysis of liability safeguards within different business structures.
  • Setting Up an S-Corporation: A step-by-step guide tailored for both seasoned entrepreneurs and those new to the business world.
  • Transitioning an Existing Business to an S-Corp: The methodology, benefits, and potential challenges of such a transition.

This video is not only a valuable resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs but also a tool for professionals in the field looking to broaden their understanding of S-Corporations.